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Additional Services

Everest FCU will offer other services to its members, such as ATM/Debit card, overdraft protection, etc. These services will ease the financial transactions of the members. EFCU will establish policies and procedures guiding these services, and these policies will be updated time to time.

Culiance ATM / Debit MasterCard

EFCU will offer ATM/Debit card to its members with CULIANCE and MasterCard logo. The debit card will be associated with checking (share draft) and saving (regular share) account and the members will be able to use debit cards in EFCU’s ATM and CULIANCE ATMs free of surcharges. They may also use it for all point of sale transactions whoever accept MasterCard debit. The members will not be charged for all POS transactions made online or offline. However, there will be surcharges if Debit card is used in ATM other than CULIANCE ATM and point-of-sale located outside of USA.

Overdraft Protection

EFCU will offer overdraft protection in checking accounts for a fee. The overdraft limit may vary based on the member’s credit report and relationship with EFCU. There will be certain fees for overdraft protection based on overdraft amount. The members will also be charged of interests if overdraft amount is not paid within a certain timeframe.

Electronic Banking

EFCU will offer online and telephone banking to the members to ease their financial transactions. The electronic banking will include online fund transfer between accounts, quick pay, online bill pay, and telephone banking. The electronic banking will be set up at the time of opening an account, and regularly supervised to prevent fraudulent activities. There will be no fees for these services. In addition to online banking, EFCU will also offer mobile app to do transactions from their mobile phone.

Cashier’s Checks / Money Order

EFCU will offer cashier’s check and money order services for minimum fees. The fees per amount of cashier’s checks and money orders

Payroll/Direct deposit

EFCU will offer direct deposit services to the members for them to automatically deposit their paychecks into their account. There will be minimum fees for this service. Members who enroll in direct deposit will be lowering their monthly checking account fees.

Safety Deposit Box

EFCU will offer safety deposit box at its office location. Members may buy the safety deposit box paying fixed monthly fees.


Members will be offered notary service for $1.00 fees per signature in the notarized document. An average notary fee in the market is $2.00.